Engineering Industry

Traditionally Consonic has focussed its engineering efforts on providing automation for plastic joining applications, plastic processing and raw materials handling systems.  Today we also see an emphasis on specialised packaging industry applications (such as IML and boxing and palletising) plus smarter and faster downstream automation (assembly and packing). Project management of factory moves and consolidations is also a big part of what we do.

In terms of capability we have a team of between 4 and 6 design, project management and controls engineers.  We use the latest Solidworks CAD, ePLAN (electrical drawings), Master CAM (CNC tool pathing) and Finite Analysis software for design, manufacture and documentation purposes.

We are now a distributor for Gimatic, the leading manufacturer of pneumatic and electric grippers for automation. Gimatic has a comprehensive range of components for the plastics industry (Robotic End of Arm Tooling), mechatronics and handling applications.

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