Our products are manufactured using the latest technology and we offer only those of the highest quality.

Our speciality industry areas are; Medical, Automotive, Food Industry, Plastic Processing, Packaging Industry, Pipe and Profile and Engineering.

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e-mac 180

ENGEL e-mac. A machine that combines great performance with amazing precision. All electric. Enough freedom and flexibility to design your our injection moulding solution. Supremely energy efficient on a small foot print.

Engel e-motion 280 tonne

All electric high performance machines have become the machine of choice for many of Engel’s packaging customers.

Victory 160 with Viper

The Engel Tie-bar-less machine is having its 25 anniversary in 2014. Engel patented Tie-bar-less technology means unbeatable mould dimensions, quicker mould change over, free access for automation, less wear parts, less maintenance and superior platen parallelism.

Viper 40

Engel Viper. Thanks to clever software such as vibration control and mass identification it automatically reduces structure-borne vibration, even with longer axis dimensions, and optimises its movements and dynamic values to achieve better efficiency. The results: ultra-fast cycle times and maximum productivity accompanied by low energy consumption.

e-motion 100 clean room execution

Engel e-motion. In medical execution including fanless and ecapsulted servomotors with low energy consumption and minimal heat emissions.

Easy3 Material Receivers

The Piovan Easy3 System is a single wire, pluggable control, central conveying concept. Stainless Steel receivers are available from 1.5 litres to 140 litres.

Piovan Quantum Blender

Piovan offer a complete range of Gravimetric and Volumetric dosing and blending options which can be fully integrated into a Winfactory plant control system.

Slim Piovan air cooled water chiller

Piovan offer Industrial air and water cooled water Chillers, Temperature Controllers and Dry Coolers. The Piovan in house applications engineering team is on hand to design your central system.

Modula Dehumidifying Dryer

Able to achieve 50% energy savings using Inverter controlled blowers and patented independent (hopper by hopper) closed loop air flow control.

Ecosmart Air Cooled Chillers

Inverter driven Screw compressor technology with cooling capacity from 167 to 410 kW.

Kiefel KTR and KMD thermoforming machines

KMD Speedformer is for the mass production of packaging components and KTR is for high performance cup forming.

Blown Film - Extrusion

Evolution complete blown film extrusion lines from mono-layers up to 9 layers to process HDPE, MDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, mPE, EVA, PP, PA, EVOH, PETG, PS, Ionomeres, blends and recycled material.

MTI Heating/Cooling mixer combination

Perfectly adaptable high capacity mixing for the plastics processing and chemical industry

Rapid VA 150-series

In Line Granulators for beside the injection moulding machine applications. Higher quality and consistent regrind, easy cleaning, reduced maintenance and cassette knife system.

Rapid 600 Series large

Rapid Granulators are the world bench mark for quality regrind, fast clean out and low maintenance.

DS 32 D PVC Pipe extruder

Equipped with powerful drive and innovative screw technologies to produce even more economical PVC pipe extrusion. Able to achieve higher output when compared to even larger L/D ratio competitors.

Polymac High Speed IML side entry

Frequent product changes are no longer a problem. Easy to re-program for an extensive range of container sizes and coavity configurations.

Polymac Universal Metal handle forming and fitting

Polymac Universal Metal Handle Forming Machine (BMS-U) makes from straight pre-cut wires any desired shape of handle (with or without plastic grip), assembles these to the pail and stacks them.

Polymac IML range of containers

With an extensive range of service-friendly IML systems varies from the best standard solutions to optimized design systems, fitting the most complicated applications.

Branson 2000X Series Ultrasonic Welder

Available in multiple control modes: time, energy, peak power, collapse and absolute distance. Can be directly mounted into electrical enclosures or supplied as a complete bench top solution.

Branson IR80 50Si Infrared Welder

Applications where Infrared has been used successfully include sensors and control modules, filter assemblies, electronic enclosures, irrigation systems and medical products.

Branson M 624HRsi Clean Vibration Technology

Combines infrared and vibration processes, offering more options and applications for smart plastic component design.

CTS Precision Bench top leak Testing instruments

CTS manufactures a leak test instrument for every industry, from medical to automotive, defense to aerospace and beyond.

Branson Ultrasonic cutting guillotine

Branson Ultrasonics provides ultrasonic food slicing and processing from cakes to candy-bars to pizza dough and more.

Branson Ultrasonic Sonifier

Branson’s Sonifier cell disrupter / homogenizer line has been consistently used as the benchmark in laboratory experiments and research studies for over 50 years.

Branson Bench top and industrial cleaning

Over fifty years ago Branson pioneered ultrasonic cleaning. Branson cleaners incorporate everything they've learned from experience, research, and especially their customers.