Desiged Moulding Testimonial

Designed Mouldings Managing Director, Paul Neumeyer, with his recently commissioned Engel e-motion 310/280 all electric injection moulding machine.  Designed Mouldings is a quality injection moulding firm with a selection of high end domestic and international customers.  Well known in the packaging sector Designed Mouldings also has a select group of Medical component customers.  The Taren Point facility is both climate controlled and rated to food grade manufacturing standards.

When Paul tendered for the international roll out of the Rexona Spray Dome he insisted on introducing the Engel e-motion to what was a tightly controlled specification.  The Engel had no issue achieving the cycle time and dealing with the project complexities; which included a 2 station rotary table for the “cube” tooling concept, a core pull power pack, premium servo drives and wide execution platens.  The tool was also fitted with an additional electric servo injection unit.

Designed Mouldings also operates some very sophisticated high speed assembly lines with high end vision quality systems and In-mould Labelling automation.

For Consonic this project was our first servo driven 2-station rotary table for cube technology.  We have seen more and more of these types of tooling solutions for both high speed packaging applications and 2 component moulding.

For Paul the Engel has delivered a fast cycling packaging solution with the combined benefit of a low energy foot print.