Bennett Precision Tooling Testimonial

Bennett Precision Tooling (BPT) take delivery of an ENGEL e-motion 200/55 (all electric 55 tonne injection moulding machine) with an ENGEL servo Robot.  Pictured with the ENGEL e-motion is Steve Scott, BPT General Manager, and Brett Egan of Consonic at Bennett’s in-house mould trial and turnkey manufacturing facility.

In view of BPT doubling its premises to approximately 2400m2 late in 2013, Steve Scott started concepting a machine with our Brett Egan which was supportive of BPT’s business philosophy of being able to offer the complete manufacturing package. This philosophy includes product design, research and development, mould manufacture, robotics and automation. With experience in multi shot and overmoulding of silicones and thermo plastics, BPT are able to build and commission complete manufacturing cells for Australian and international customers.

The concept was simple, Steve wanted a fast cycling all- electric package with optimal process control and data recording/management systems which could mould standard thermoplastics, silicone and difficult to handle abrasive and/or corrosive engineering plastics.  The solution was to engineer a machine with 3 separate quick change plasticising units.

The machine is fully optioned with features such as:

  • Expert mould coining, including coining by ejector for internal mould coining.
  • Twin Variotherm – heating interface
  • “IQ” closed-loop part weight monitoring.
  • “X-melt” for ultra high speed injection (up to 2000mm/s)
  • Mould cavity sensing feedback and monitoring.

According to Brett Egan, “This is simply the most capable machine we have ever supplied”.